Gisela Clarke (1984)

About me
Half Irish, quarter German, quarter Dutch, born and raised in Amsterdam, I’ve lived in almost every part of Amsterdam and learned that every area has its different people, charm and atmosphere.

Wherever I am, I love to keep discovering nice places to eat and drink and things to see and do. Besides spotting a couple of other things I like: writing, coffee, singing, cheese, cocktails, reading, dancing, wine and lipstick.

Why Amsterdam?
I like the fact that Amsterdam is small. Big cities like for instance New York overwhelm me. Amsterdam is much easier to grasp, I find this charming. Still there is always something to see and do. Wherever you find yourself wandering around you will always see someone or something strange or interesting around.

Also I love the multicultural aspect of the city. It makes it very diverse and gives it an interesting and colorful vibe. Last but not least even though I love to go on holiday every time I’ve been away (no matter how interesting, cosmopolitan or tropical the location) when I return back home I’m always struck by a feeling of love for my beautiful Amsterdam!

Where else can you find me online?
Personal blog

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