Image by Pluk de Nacht

Stenen Hoofd – A relaxed spot near Central Station

At just a couple minutes walk from central station, you’ll find the “Stenen Hoofd”. Translated to English, this means “Stone Head”. The pier next to the IJ used to be used to transfer goods from ships to trains and trucks. When in 1968 the warehouse on the pier was taken down, there were many different destinations for the pier. When I was little, there used to be a tiny fsummer air at Stenen Hoofd. As a little girl I used to love going there, riding the carousel and playing in the water.

Nowadays the pier is mostly used to relax on hot summer days, have walks with dogs, and for cultural events. One of those cultural events is Pluk de Nacht, an annual outdoor theater. It’s a nice evening to go to with friends or a date. Just bring a bottle of wine, a couple snacks and you’re good to go – or, of course, you can buy something to eat and drink there!

Especially in summer, Stenen Hoofd is a perfect getaway when you don’t want to travel to the beach or sit in the park.

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Westerdoksdijk 705-c, Amsterdam

Opening Times

24 hours daily




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