Image by Aigli Andritsopoulou for Sarri 12

Sarri 12 – Athens street art scene

Sarri 12 is located in Psirri, a district where revolutionary outlaws called Manges/Μάγκες lived till the early 20th century. The historical background, and the gallery creators’ mission to promote urban art, are a few reasons why this gallery still carries the underground character of the area and constitutes the most suitable space for contemporary street artists to be showcased. To put it differently, every time I walk around in the streets of Psirri and pass by Sarri 12 I get a feeling that this eccentric contemporary street-art gallery has always been part of Psirri’s history.    

While it might be true to say that the move of street art into the gallery could cause the institutionalisation of a radical movement that stands against the commodification of art in general, in fact the very process of transition itself, from graffiti’s initial state to another, abnormal condition is what stretches the boundaries of art by challenging common patterns and stereotypes.

In other words, Sarri 12 has achieved introducing local and international artists to the Greek audience by including street-art pieces in the exhibitions’ strict frameworks, giving them the chance to express their views on contemporary social and political issues and raise awareness within an unexpected context, while conquering a whole new territory, the art gallery interior. As a photographer I suggest fellow art lovers pay a visit to this unconventional art space in order to witness the metamorphosis of graffiti artworks into fine art wall murals.

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Sarri 12, Athens

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Wed - Sun 12:00 - 19:00




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