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Diada de Sant Jordi – St George’s Day

Every April 23rd Catalonia sees the most romantic day of the year to the point where you can breathe the love in the air. Each street corner in the city is filled with roses and bookstalls. Plenty of cozy stalls to buy a gift for your beloved at, but you can start walking through Las Ramblas.

Legend tells of a Catalan village called ‘Montblanc’ where the residents lived in fear of a dragon living in the near mountains. Each day it would swoop down to eat its animals and people. In trying to stop the dragon the locals decided to sacrifice one animal a day, until one day there weren’t any left. After a tough decision the villagers decided to choose one person a day to satisfy the dragon.

Finally the bad luck fell on the beautiful princess of the town, so she went to the cave prepared to be devoured when suddenly a noble knight appeared to fight it…After a hard and intense battle, Sant Jordi slayed the dragon and saved the princess. From the dragon blood pooled on the ground, the reddest and most beautiful rose started growing. The princess had never seen such a beautiful flower and as a sign of his love, Sant Jordi gifted it to her.

That’s why every Saint George’s day man gives a rose to the woman he loves and the woman will gift him a book as the most significant Catalan sign of love.

Really special 🙂

Peace & enjoy!

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Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona

Opening Times

Apr 23 2016


Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)