Djordje Vidojevic (1993)

About me
‘Me’ is a person that loves maps (they are amazing aren’t they?), postcards and film photography. In Belgrade since 2012. Finishing Graphic design studies and working here and there.

Sometimes I do animation, always eat ice cream, travel whenever possible and frequently volunteer at film festivals. I don’t leave the house without a backpack and at least 4 things that I don’t need (but I might need them!) in it.

Why Belgrade?
Belgrade is a mess. Our mess. A beautiful mess to explore. Because of its location (two rivers), completely different architectural styles and how a socialist 1960s building is ‘taped’ to a 1870s one. They coexist. Belgrade does that marvellously; being in the middle, not east but not really west.

The strong wind and cold Sunday mornings, the ‘dobro je’ graffiti, bakery on every corner and the National museum that has been closed for over a decade. It’s us.

Where can you find me online?

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