Sharon Mertins (1977)

About me
I’m an accidental traveler who moved to Berlin from London a few years ago. Professionally, I have put on a variety of hats; camera assistant, English teacher, cinema supervisor, barista, master dreamer, and story concocter. They’ve all had their perks.

I’m originally from Guatemala and my life long dream has always been to grow pixie ears. Berlin hasn’t really helped me in that area, but it has provided countless opportunities to learn and explore new and exciting ways of experiencing urban life.

Why Berlin?
It’s hard not to love the city’s fresh approach and laid back attitude when it comes to ‘just doing’. Inventive is Berlin’s middle name and “Why not?” is part of everyone’s vocabulary. I think it has an adventurous spirit and, most importantly, it provides all sorts of different playgrounds for children and adult kids alike. It has its own special kind of charm.

I guess like many Berliners, I am looking to be constantly inspired. And in this city, that inspiration doesn’t have to come from something bombastic. Sometimes it’s enough to know that you can just as happily hang out outside on the canal with locals, samosa vendors and cheap beer as you could in one of the many, many colorful bars, cafes or restaurants.

Where can you find me online?
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