60 days of Interrailing through Europe

Day 1 of our interrail trip!

Day 1 of our interrail trip

Most people we told about our sponsorship agreement with Interrail (they sponsored our train tickets to travel to meet our Spotters in 22 cities in Europe. In return, we share our honest experiences on our blogs & social media) asked us “Interrail, isn’t that for 16 year olds?”

Amongst Europeans, this is a whitespread misunderstanding. We didn’t meet a lot of Interrail users older than 25, but we did meet a lot of well-traveled non-European though, using the non-EU-member equivalent of the Interrail pass: the Eurail pass. Both the Interrail and Eurail pass are for travelers of all ages!

Interrail 2 - Hamburg - Copenhagen 3

We spent more than 100 hours on the train in the past 2 months, and had a fantastic time. Now that our Europe has trip has come to an end, we had some time to reflect on what’s so great about traveling by train / using Interrail…

Affordable & stress free

We had the most expensive “global” Interrail pass – for unlimited 1st class travel within Europe: Euro 983,= for a month.  Traveling to all 22 cities by airplane from Amsterdam for a short weekend trip, which we usually do, would have cost us at least Euro 8000,=.

The Interrail global pass for a month is available from Euro 461,= (for travelers under 26).

Less – or no – stress

Yes, sometimes flying is a faster way to get somewhere, but it’s also a more stressful method of traveling… On the train there’s no security checks, check in desks and standing in line to wait for boarding. And you can see the countryside through your window, have a relaxed talk with your neighbour, get some work done or read a book. Time just seems to fly by when you’re on a train…

Get work done

Interrail 6 - Berlin - Warsaw 2

On an airplane, you waste at least 2 hours standing in line for security checks or waiting until the captain or purser tells you are allowed to open your laptop and work. In the train you sit down, plug in your laptop, and starting working until you reach your destination. We got so much work done on the train!

It’s better for the environment

Traveling by train is better for the environment (see some calculations here). That feels good.


Interrail 4 - Stockholm Oslo 1

We had the privilege of being able to travel first class. If you make many hours, we recommend it (the price difference is Euro Euro 400 for a month). Not many airplanes have a 1st class that is more luxurious than the average 1st class coach. Lots of leg room, no noise, electricity plugs for laptops, (often) Internet access, and a special dining car… No airplane can beat that.

We will certainly travel by train more in the future, to visit our Spotters. Probably using an Interrail pass again… Thank you Eurail / Interrail for making it possible for us to make this trip to meet our locals in 22 cities!

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