Best Local Arty Spots in Kiev

Kiev (by Vladimir Kud)

Kiev (by Vladimir Kud)

The beautiful Ukraine, as well as its capital Kiev, has a rich and long history that can’t be told in a few words. The country’s history consists of a lot of different points, but one of them – art and culture – is probably the most appealing to everyone. Needless to say, culture and art is perfectly reflected in the city of Kiev: every step you take there, tells you a different story.  Nowadays, the majestic Kiev is a shelter for historical as well as contemporary art. The mixture of both history and modern days creates an idiosyncratic face of the city that can’t be forgotten. Our local Spotters would like to take you on a trip that will make you understand and in particular feel the pulse of Kiev’s art. Enjoy your t ride!

 Old city triangle

Image by Lena Shcherbak

Image by Lena Shcherbak

We decided to begin our list with a place that instantly catches your attention and is also our local Elena’s favourite spot – it’s Old City Triangle. Maybe calling it a spot could be a little bit misleading since it is an area – shaped like a triangle – which connects three different streets: Striletska, Yaroslaviv val and Velyka Zhytomyrska by the Golden Gates metro station. Although the Triangle is comprised of three spots, the area is quite small: you can walk it in about half an hour (unless you take your time to enjoy its idiosyncrasy). So, what is so special about it? While walking along these streets, you will notice that they reflect various styles of architecture – from gothic to Stalinist – that simultaneously merge together with modernism and urban art, such as graffiti, sculptures and mural paintings. Don’t be afraid to explore the hidden corners, these streets may hide some secrets… In the Old City Triangle you can also find some local boutiques, art galleries and restaurants.

G13 Project Studio

Image by G13 Studio

Since The Old Triangle is in the historic part of the city, let’s head a bit further to Baltiyskiy per 23 where you will find a unique spot called G13 Project Studio. G13 places various different areas/activities under one roof: filming and photo sets where local artists and brands usually shoot their photoshoots or film their brand new videos, a co-working space and a spacious summer terrace that gathers locals together at mind-blowing parties. Furthermore, here you can spot some exhibitions, artistic installations and workshops. Basically, G13 is Kiev’s contemporary art mecca where everything is created by locals, without the interposition of foreign artists. Interested? Say no more, here you can find a list of events that are held at G13 (sometimes the spot organizes private events when random visitors are not allowed to attend).

Alley of artists

Image by Jennifer Boyer

Our Spotter Elena would like to take you to Andriyivskiy street where you will find another one of Kiev’s arty spots. This street, which connects the lower and the middle Kiev, contains a lot of must-see spots: Andriyivska church, the city’s hills, historical buildings, cozy shops and cafes, and, most importantly, art. If you head a little bit further from the church and turn right, you will reach the alley which doesn’t have an official name, but is usually called Alley of artists. Here you should look for an exceptional building called gallery D12. Sometimes it is closed, but once in a while various pop-up markets and art exhibitions take place there. Elena says that if you go through the gallery, you will see the funicular. Just go underneath it and you will find a beautiful view of the city.

Building 4B

Image by Lena Shcherbak

Image by Lena Shcherbak

This spot may seem like an unusual recommendation since it looks like a random abandoned building, but our local Elena claims that it’s a perfect opportunity to feel Kiev’s spirit from deep, deep inside. First of all, Building 4B  is a quick shortcut from Maydan Nezalezhnosti to European square. Secondly, it’s a perfect spot to explore the city’s local graffiti and mural painting. It’s up to you how you decide to explore this area, we will only give you a sneak peek at what you can find there. Basically, Building 4B is known as the house/home of local art organisation called Mystetska platforma. Its backyard is really worth your attention: here you will find Viktor Tsoy’s portrait which was painted on the wall by some locals. For those who hadn’t heard about Viktor Tsoy before: he was a famous Russian musician and leader of the band Kino whose music back was revolutionary in the Soviet Union.

Zoloty Vorota Metro Station

Image by Олег Тоцкий

Image by Олег Тоцкий

We can’t finish this list without mentioning one of the most impressive spots in Kiev: Zoloty Vorota Metro Station. Hardly anybody can deny that this station is a pure piece of art. Without any doubts. You can find this stunning metro on the Green line. Our Spotter Yuliya mentions that “It is one of the most central stations, also one of the three transfer stations in Kiev. It was opened in 1989 and later got the State Prize of Ukraine in the Field of Architecture.” The art and architecture of the station depicts the Kievan Rus’ era. Massive chandeliers, mosaics, columns… Something that you don’t see at metro stations very often. Just take your time and explore the station, every time you will notice something new, unique and different.

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