10 beautiful cemeteries – spotted by locals

Image by Dept of VA Affairs

Image by Dept of VA Affairs

When you are thinking about cemeteries what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Graves, ghosts? Let’s take a look from a different perspective. Cemeteries are great places to relax and collect your thoughts, even on a city trip. Most of the time they are also a place to see some amazing pieces of art, and more often than not also a great view of the city!

We made a small selection of the cemeteries our Spotters in 62 cities have written about, in no particular order. Enjoy the special atmosphere!

1. Cimitero Acattolico – Rome

Image by Ivan Marra

Image by Ivan Marra

According to our Rome Spotter Ivan, every single grave here is a piece of art and due to the large presence of green it’s a perfect spot to relax and clear your mind. This place is also known as the English Cemetery, in fact many notable English people such as John Keats are buried here. There is even also a real pyramid…yes you are still in Rome and not in Egypt.

2. La Almudena Cemetery – Madrid


Image by Alejandro Muniz Delgado

La Almudena is the largest graveyard in Madrid and one of the biggest in Europe. You can enjoy its quietness while walking around. Our local Alejandro recommends you go up on the hill and enjoy the view of Madrid’s skyline.

3. Ostfriedhof – Munich


Image by Kleopatra Polyzou

Cemeteries are an important part of a city’s life and help you to understand the people and the society of that city. Ostfriedhof, spotted by Kleopatra, could be appealing for those of you who are interested in Bavarian history. This cemetery holds the grave of famous Bernhard von Gudden for example!

4. Central Cemetery – Vienna


Image by Dreafrei

Central Cemetery is such an enormous size that you can always find a spot to relax or contemplate by yourself. Spend a warm summer’s afternoon on a bench and read for ages!

5. Abney Park Cemetery – London


Image by Claire Creighton

Our local Claire says: “Enjoy the maze of overgrown graves, even though now in a state of disrepair you can still spot a beautiful marble lion and some grand tombs, Abney Park Cemetery is certainly worth a visit!”

6. The New Jewish Cemetery – Krakow


Image by Anna Wontorczyk

The New Jewish Cemetery is the place where silence is golden. When you’re here, take the time to meditate, reflect and even get inspired. The cemetery is huge, so you have to find your own route.

7. Mount Auburn Cemetery – Boston


Image by Zac Cardwell

You’ll find yourself in another world at Mount Auburn Cemetery –  so quiet and relaxing! Like in most cemetery, no picnics, lying on the grass, or jogging! Make sure to stop at Washington Tower, which offers an amazing view of Boston from the top.

8. The Necropolis – Glasgow


Image by Gill Davies

The Necropolis is the resting place of the great and the good of Victorian Glasgow, but you won’t find anyone as famous as Oscar Wilde or Jim Morrison. Our local Gill strongly suggests booking a tour from The Friends of the Glasgow Necropolis!

9. Bogoslovskoye Cemetery – Saint Petersburg

Image by Dmitriy Ivanov

Image by Dmitriy Ivanov

Bogoslovskoye Cemetery isn’t the most famous cemetery in Saint Petersburg, but it’s pretty interesting. Its main attraction are the graves of some of Russia’s biggest rock stars!

10. Assistens Kirkegård – Copenhagen


Image by Elina Roivainen

Our local Elina shares her opinion that the best part about Assistens Kirkegård is the nature: an innumerable amount of different types of trees, flowers, plants and such create one of the most beautiful places in the city.


After this brief selection (we know that is not exhaustive at all) we found that cemeteries are not a single-fuction place, there are actually various reasons to go. Why do you like to visit them? Please tell us!


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