4 European Cities with Warm Winter Weather


Image by Tatiana Morari | Instagram : @taniamorari

What comes to your mind when you think about winter? If it is not a snowman, it would probably be the cold that keeps on reminding you to wear your jackets, scarves and gloves whenever you go out.

Sometimes the cold is too “cool” for us and, in the end, we stay inside trying to avoid the cruel fate of having winter making us look like vampires scared by the sun. Some places though, can still make us want to go outside and actually have an adventure in winter. Here are some places that you might just find as interesting during winter.

El Cims in Montjuic | Image by Gerard Pinar

Barcelona – 18º C next week!

Home to one of the best football clubs to ever grace the world, Barcelona has some of the best weather you can ever hope for when going on a trip in winter. With a constant 15 degree Celsius temperature, the worst that could happen will be clouds blocking the sun. It is so sunny, almost all the time, that you don’t even feel like wearing warm clothes. With this kind of weather, you can enjoy more of your time actually outside and walk around. Gerard Pinar was able to depict the experience of being in Barcelona nicely by enjoying the outdoor side of it in El Cims in Montjuic. Spoil yourself with live music and relaxing on the sofas. Not a place you want to forget for your trip’s plan!

Anafiotika | Image by Marilena Salamanou

Athens – 19º C next week!

With similar weather as in Barcelona, Athens has proved to be one of the best destinations to spend your time outdoors. Funky Bike offers you the chance of riding bikes through places around Athens such as Anafiotika, ensuring that your stay in Athens stays as adventurous as possible.

Forte Marghera | Image by Nicoletta Bortoluzzi

Venice – 13º C next week!

A little bit chillier than the places I mentioned previously, Venice is still a big contender to win you over for a winter trip! During winter, the famous Carnival of Venice is held annually, this year from the 23rd of January until the 9th of February. It’s held within Forte Marghera and Nicoletta summed it up as a place where “you can feel the passion of all the people of the associations, the artists and the people who live it every day with their ideas and hard work”. A perfect place for a nice outdoor walk!

Portas do Sol Drinks & Food | Image by Claudio Carneiro

Lisbon – 18º C next week

The sun overwhelms Lisbon even when it is still winter and this could be the perfect place to go in winter! You can enjoy the beauty of Lisbon by making it to Bairro de Alfama, one of the oldest districts in Lisbon. Visit Saint George’s Castle where you could also stop by Miradouro das Portas do Sol to enjoy a similar amount of Lisbon’s beauty. Be careful though as Claudio Carneiro has said, it is a very hard place to leave once you get there and actually experience it!

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