6 Spots Where Customers Set the Price

Image by Rossella De Amici

Image by Rossella De Amici

Let’s think back on all the money you have spent these past years on services or products that you thought were way too expensive for what you got in return. It is nothing new that some restaurants or local spots provide cheaper or more expensive services and this all depends on the location, product, or sometimes even if you’re a tourist or not!

But what if I told you there is a new trend making its way through several cities? A trend where customers set the price! Yes that’s right! As a customer you are now able to determine the price for the service or product that you order, yourself. Going out to dinner just became a lot more enticing for everyone who would like to have a delicious dinner and pay an even better price for what they ordered.

It’s about time customers get more bargaining power! Don’t you agree? Well this concept is alive and well in restaurants in Amsterdam, Turin, Berlin, Ireland and in the United States. All offering the customers the ability to pay what they believe the service or product is worth.

Trust – Amsterdam

Image by Stephen van den Hoek

Trust, the name says it all. The owners trust you will pay a fair price for a dish at this coffee/ lunchroom. They offer delicious sandwiches, soups, and other dishes. Make sure you try their Thai soup, which is certainly a local’s favorite! If the concept isn’t great enough, they even prepare the food in their open kitchen, where you can see all the dishes being prepared. Now, how cool is that! The ambience is very relaxing and the artworks on the wall make it that more fascinating.

La Vetreria – Turin

Image by Antonio Oberto

Like in Amsterdam, in Turin you will also find a restaurant, which offers customers the same concept of setting the price for what they order. But La Vetreria has another unique twist, on Monday nights they offer “La Cena dei Cretini”, where you simply eat whatever dish the waitress brings you.

If you love surprises then this definitely is a must try. At this lovely restaurant you get the best of both worlds, setting the price and getting surprise dishes. This charming restaurant is definitely a local’s favorite and the locals certainly go on a regular basis, just like you will after you’ve tried it the first time.

Yoga to the People – San Francisco

Yoga to the People by Sasha Sommer

Yoga to the People by Sasha Sommer

Instead of setting the price yourself for food and drinks, at Yoga to the People in San Francisco you set the price for a yoga class! Now after a long day at work you can stop by and relax your mind, body and soul! The classes are available 8 times per day, so it’s perfect for everyone! Whether you have a busy schedule or not, making time for yourself is always important and at Yoga to the People the customers ALWAYS come first!

This is an outstanding way of allowing locals and others to enjoy the wonderful practices of Yoga at any time of the day and at a reasonable price! After your first class your mind, body and soul will feel so relaxed that you will surely make it part of your daily routine!

A quick tip: Make sure you get there at least 15 minutes ahead of time before your yoga class because it gets extremely crowded, especially after 18:00.

Weinerei – Berlin

Image by Knraf Redleif

Image by Knraf Redleif

Weinerei in Berlin started out as a small store before turning into a wine bar and then finally a restaurant. The owner of this fabulous restaurant and winery was certain about selling wine from the family’s vineyard but had no idea what price customers were willing to pay for his wine. So he thought of a great idea, he provided the wine and the customers would determine the price.

A  great concept that he started out over a decade ago, which still exists to date. Many locals stop by after work and during their free time to enjoy a nice glass of wine. The relaxing ambience of this restaurant and winery has contributed to its outstanding popularity in Berlin.

The Dock Café in Ireland

The Dock Cafe

If you’re ever visiting Ireland and looking for a restaurant where customers set the price, then The Dock Café is the right spot to visit! The café offers “freshly ground Dock blend and guest coffees and delicious soups, scones and bakes”! The industrial interior and comfy sofas will make you feel right at home.

This Café is what locals in Belfast consider home since the atmosphere is so warm and welcoming. It is near a university campus so many students go to The Dock Café during their free time. This Café is definitely different since it is operated by volunteers! Once you go to this hidden gem you will surely continue to visit like many locals do on an everyday basis. What better way to spend your free time than at this wonderful café where you decide what you pay?

Panera Cares in the U.S.

Image by Panera Bread

If you are ever visiting the U.S. there are different states which have this lovely place called Panera Care. It is a franchise part of Panera Bread. Panera cares is a bakery and café, which allows you to take whatever you desire and pay what you believe is right. This amazing spot offers delicious and healthy salads, sandwiches and other mouth-watering foods that you will certainly adore!

Now this spot is an everyday routine visit for many locals thanks to the tasty food and the overall relaxed ambience. Make sure you try their “Celebrate Clean Salad Menu”! Healthy and delicious salads just like the one in the picture above; which is their Chinese Citrus Cashew Salad with Chicken and Napa Cabbage; with Soy-Miso lime dressing, fresh pineapple and mandarin oranges!

Many commercial restaurant owners would call this an absurd trend but local restaurant owners call this the new and hip way of engaging with their customers! We’re all for this pay-as-you-wish formula! What do you think?

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