Top 5 Dive Bars in our US Cities


Image by Kjell Sadowski

Do you like cheap beer? How about beer & shot combos? Cheap, greasy and delicious food? House wine that is at best not completely specified in type? Do you ever find yourself wanting a more laid back experience than what most modern bars competing for your patronage have to offer? Then do yourself a favor and drop by one of these vintage places our US Spotters have hand picked for your divey needs!

1) Washington, DC


Dan’s Cafe (by Rachael Voorhees)

According to our DC spotter Andrew,Dan’s Cafe is a dive bar in the truest sense of the word”. Located in the hip Adams Morgan district, this family owned venue is ripe with tradition, offering some of the most divey drinking options you’ll find on the free market – “they’ll give you a small bottle of booze, a Coke or can of juice, limes and a bucket of ice and you make your own drinks – for $ 12. If you want shots, they mix them in a squeeze bottle and give you shot glasses and you go to town”. Definitely what you’re looking for if you’re checking this list out!

2) Boston, MA


State Park (by Cris Concepcion)

Pinball, shuffleboard, pool, neon lights, plaid cloth, Miller High Life and unspecified wine pours. Sound appealing? Visit the State Park bar where life is always uncomplicated and see if our Boston Spotter Cris did it justice by saying:“It’s a dive bar as it exists in our collective imaginations, fueled by films of cops, grifters and construction workers, sharing stories over a pint of beer.”

 3) Chicago, IL


Phyllis’ Musical Inn (by Meghan Phillipp)

Want a little bit more from a dive bar experience? How about free nightly live music performances to compliment your $ 2 beer can? Phyllis’ Musical Inn is the place for you! As our Chi town local Meghan puts it, “If you want to see real Chicago musicians, real Chicago locals and have some cheap drinks at a true Chicago dive please don’t be deterred by the ragged decor, you’ll truly enjoy your this place.”

4) Los Angeles, CA


Jumbo’s Clown Room (by Amelia Rynkowska)

“A travelling circus style sign and synchronised flashing light bulbs makes for a mischievous beacon screaming, fun house”. If you find yourself roaming the streets of Hollywood and wanting an out-of-the-ordinary dive bar experience, one that includes, let’s say, pole dancing to jukebox tunes, look no further than Jumbo’s Clown Room. As our local Amelia poetically describes it, “Here, it is all about reasonable liquor, cold beers and an appreciation for the female form, which is accentuated by the flexuous contours and confident maneuvers to appropriately eclectic classics.”

5) Seattle, WA


Bar Sue (by Daniel Lim)

Apparently successfully balancing sophistication with a southern vibe, bacon grease fried chicken sammiches, antler mount ring tossing, sports projections and silent movies, Bar Sue seems like quite a visit. Our Seattle local Daniel wholeheartedly recommends this place, hinting at a mysterious Pondwater cocktail one might enjoy.

That’s it for our recommendations for now, folks. There are plenty more of these to unearth and, as our list of US cities grows, so will this compilation of the diviest of places for all you looking for an authentic local experience!

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