5 Best Ping Pong Bars in Europe

Ping Pong

Ping Pong, as Mugatu from Zoolander would say, is ‘so hot right now’! Pong, as I call it, has been gaining in popularity for a few years and it’s now becoming hip. So hip that chic Pong clubs for the rich & famous have recently opened in New York, Hollywood and Dubai, led by Susan Sarandon.

I love Pong. In Amsterdam I co-founded The Pong Network, a group that combines networking, ping pong & beer. Pong is a sport that anyone can play, no matter your gender, age or body type.┬áIt’s fun for beginners and experts alike and it’s great for socialising because you play face to face. There are variety of games with singles, doubles and the always fun of group ’round the table games. Add multiple tables, a lot of people, alcohol and it becomes very fun indeed! So it’s no real surprise that Pong bars and clubs are becoming popular around the world.

Here are some of the best Pong bars and clubs in Europe:

London has a couple of Pong bars and clubs: PING is a ‘Kitchen, Bar and Games Room concept’ whilst the slightly more upmarket Bounce promises to deliver ‘a new kind of night out featuring table tennis, cocktails and eclectic beats in a beautifully designed space.’

Amsterdam doesn’t have a dedicated Pong bar or club but Tuesday nights at OT301, a former squat turned grungy bar and live music venue, are legendary for Pong. The ’round the table games regularly start with upwards of 40 players. The crowd is an eclectic mix of students, locals, expats and pong lovers and the beer is cheap.

Dr. Pong (by Sarah Curth)

Dr. Pong (by Sarah Curth)

Berlin also has it’s grungy Pong Club where round the table on one main table is the main game – Dr Pong. The skill level and competitiveness here are fierce (read more about Dr. Pong in this Spotted by Locals article)

Paris has Gossima, Copenhagen has DuPong and no doubt more and more of these Pong bars and clubs will continue to pop up all over Europe. Bring it on!

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