6 Must-Try Guilty Pleasures in Europe

Image by Paula Guinto (flickr.com)

Image by Paula Guinto (flickr.com)

“Guilty pleasure”, the term that exactly describes the feeling you get when faced with the dilemma of wanting to add some non-healthy foods to your diet. Worry not, we will help you balance out your diet with our selection of great spots to get foods that will ruin your good streak!

In case you have not caught on with everything, we are definitely not helping you with a good diet here, but we don’t take any responsibility to the (inevitable?) expansion of your waistline. We’re just the messenger here.

Image by Krunoslav Koprivnjak

1. Vruci Burek – Zagreb

As the name of the place suggests, a great burek awaits you here in Zagreb. As mentioned by Kruno, even though it is super irresistible these bureks will still clog your blood vessels and help you gain weight should you decide to enjoy its deliciousness on a regular basis. Even though it’s the embodiment of unhealthy food, the quality of the burek is also undeniably great and should be a treat for you once in a while!


2. Drie Graefjes – Amsterdam

Sweetness is something that never disappears from one’s life, even though too much of it is definitely unhealthy, especially if you’re keeping an eye on your cholesterol. When you come here, you’re welcomed by everything sweet and sugary: cupcakes, carrot cakes, cookies, pecan pie, you name it! You definitely will be served with sugar here.

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

3. De Smulpaep – Antwerp

At times, you find yourself in need of food you can munch without any hassle, regardless of taste, where you sometimes resort to fast foods: the type of food that is internationally unhealthy. Here in Antwerp though, you should find places like De Smulpaep to witness the magnificent Belgian fries. As quoted by Kevin “[..] baked twice, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside” alongside other deep-fried snacks. Oil is the name of the game here!

Image by Peter Hoffer

4. Gelupo – London

Arguably gelatos are a bit more satisfying than ice creams. But gelatos still contain more fat and calories, and Gelupo definitely makes you crave more servings. During different seasons, you can find a different variety of flavours to spice up your need for a frozen treat. Forget Häagen-Daz, Gelupo hits the spot!

Image by Sarah Buckley

Image by Sarah Buckley

5. Ginger’s Comfort Emporium – Manchester

Ice cream is always good, but we know it’s an unhealthy choice on a daily basis as one serving is basically all cholesterol (but good though). Claiming to serve ice creams for grown-ups, Ginger’s will definitely make you wish that ice cream could be a daily treat. With its different, innovative, and sometimes bizarre selections of flavors, Ginger’s should be your choice should you find yourself craving some frozen delicacies.

Image by Ivan Marra

6. Bakery House – Rome

There’s almost an infinite amount of sweetness at Bakery House. You can almost drown in eternal sweetness here. The amount of butter used to make those lovely servings of cupcakes, dressed in frosting, will definitely put a smile on both your face and mind…Though we’re pretty sure that your body will frown in time should you consume it too often! But how can you escape from the amount of goodness inside of every serving? Can you afford to be unhealthy and have more of these?

Which kind of food is more of a guilty pleasure for you? Let us know in the comments!

In case you do feel like pointing the finger and blaming us for clogged arteries, we’ll end the article with a disclaimer: Spotted by Locals is in no way liable for any costs or ill-effects incurred in case the claimant follows our tips as mentioned above. This includes; gym memberships, repairing ripped-clothing, dietitian fees and or gastric-bypass fees. As a company we always recommend a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of exercise and when it comes to indulging, ‘moderation’ is key!

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