Where to Experience Nature in the City

Image by Luc Sokolsky | Instagram @livesadventure

Image by Luc Sokolsky | Instagram @livesadventure

Living in a modern era, we are mostly used to living an urban lifestyle filled with technology. Now and then you still might want to enjoy a stray away from the city lights and just befriend nature once more. If you enjoy mother nature’s company as much as I do, here are some nature spots recommended by our locals that will excite the nature-loving side of you.

Image by Bill Sinclair

Image by Bill Sinclair


One of the cities in Europe with constant warm weather any time of the year, Barcelona, is a place where you can enjoy the blend of nature and its weather. The Carretera de les Aigües or the Road of The Waters proves to be an attractive invitation from nature with its 9.5 km long track filled with an amazing view over the beautiful city. Within the track itself, there are spots with water fountains to keep the hikers hydrated. This is a perfect place for runners, joggers, bikers or even just casual strollers!

Image by Lenka Encingerová


As our Bratislava Spotter Lenka Encingerová says, even if Bratislava doesn’t have much to offer in terms of green spaces, there is always the option of escaping to nature. You have access to the peaks of Devinska Kobyla where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Danube and Morava. Lenka recommends you to bring wine!

Stadtwald Frankfurt (image by Richard Pflaume/Flickr.com)

Stadtwald Frankfurt (image by Richard Pflaume/Flickr.com)


The Frankfurt Stadtwald is a sanctuary inside Frankfurt. It is easily reachable through different means of public transport and the largest inner-city forest in Germany being 48 square km. Besides the perks of having enough space to accommodate a big crowd, they also have Kaffee & Kuchen where the visitors can enjoy a drink after a small walk or joggers can find a place to rest. Besides Kaffee & Kuchen they have a total of 1600 benches and 25 rest huts that can give the maximum experience of being close to nature.

Image by Sandra De Lobel


Another green sanctuary that is available inside a city is in Ghent, by the name of Bourgoyen. This green spot hosts different kinds of wildlife such as geese, ducks, plants and a series of other birds around its big lake. Aside from the option to relax in this place, there is a refreshment bar that also hosts a site that lets visitor know more about Bourgoyen and in regards to its flora & fauna.

Image by Tomáš Jungwirth


As stated by our Spotter Tomáš, a spot in Prague called Prokopské údolí, accessible within a 20 minute trip from the centre of the city, is the “real” nature outside of the city with vast green spots. During different seasons, you can enjoy visiting this place with different experiences. Especially during fall, as mist covers the place with a view of different colourful leaves and during winter when there is snow, the silence that shrouds the place makes Prokopské údolí seem disconnected from the world, leaving you in a different universe but yet still close to the city itself.

Image by Jose van der Plaat


One of the merits of Rotterdam, as mentioned by our Spotter José, is the amount of green spots that you can experience near the center. De Bergsevoorplas is a place reachable in about 15-20 mins by bike and also accessible by tram. It’s a means of green salvation away from the crowds that leaves you with options such as casual jogging or just a moment to spend by the benches and enjoy the smell of nature, luring you to sit back and relax.

Image by Munya Souaiaia


At times nature seems too far out of reach, but not here in Seattle. Magnuson Park actually lies in the city and it’s not even small for a park. At 350 acres, it would probably take at least 15 minutes to get to one side from the other and you won’t even notice the rowdiness due to the vast size of this park. Our Spotter Munya Souaiaia even spotted a rare bird during her visit here!

Image by Elin Sjöberg


A special place that you can visit in Stockholm would be Hellasgården, reachable in 20 minutes by public transport. What’s special about this place is that you can swim in its lake any time of the year and when the lake freezes over, you can go ice skating on it. Aside from swimming, you are also allowed to enjoy some fishing but only if you have the proper fishing license in your pocket. A sauna is also available with an ice-hole bathing as well!

Image by Miltiadis Sarakinos


One of the attractions that is available in this city is the island called Werdinsel. Werdinsel is surrounded by water from every side but you can access it via pedestrian bridges. The famous buzz surrounding this island is its popular nudist area that has been officially legal since 1983. During autumn, you can enjoy the fallen leaves to add to the experience of jogging or strolling around here. Specifically in July or August, there is also a summer festival going on called Inselfäscht!

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