Pack Your Suitcase Like a Pro

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On our one month trip to meet our Spotters in 11 cities in North America we are traveling with two hand luggage bags only. Quite a challenge to fit everything in!

Want to pack your bag more efficiently? In this article we share some of the things we learned on our travels so far. We took some pictures of the proces of packing our beautiful (sponsored) TUMI bags to illustrate the tips. Above: the pile of stuff I needed to fit in to my bags…

Roll or Fold?

“Rolling your clothes” is the most common form of packing used by backpackers. In order to roll your clothes tightly we would advise you to put your shirts face down and fold the arms back, if you have a shirt with long sleeves then fold them in half first before doing this. After you’ve done this, start to roll the shirt from the bottom up to the so-called neckline. When it comes to jeans, first fold them in half (lengthwise) and then start rolling up from the cuffs.

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Another way of packing your stuff is called “Fold Clothes Together”, which means that if, for example, you take two pairs of jeans and fold them into each other to save a lot of space! For the more advanced packers among us there is also the concept of “bundling” where you should be able to bundle all your clothes together just by folding your clothes together with your jeans.

Either of the techniques works well for me, but I feel the rolling is just a bit more efficient.

One final way is the so-called “Throw it in and hope it works” method, which has never worked for me…

Shoes in Your Suitcase? Great!

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Shoes are known to be an obstacle when packing, but you can also use them as part of your packing process and therefore turn the “obstacle” into something quite useful. How? Use your shoes as packing cubes. Try to put as many small products as possible in your shoes (think phone chargers, socks, underwear, or even belts).

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Charging Cables? There Should Be a Solution.

And there is! What about rubber bands, or even twist ties? By using both of them you’ll be able to bundle the cables and pack them wisely (See the second tip!).

Heavy Items

Position these close to the wheels of your suitcase, because otherwise your suitcase will end up unbalanced, which could cause your wheels to crack (if you don’t have a TUMI of course ;) ) and your suitcase to fall.

What To Wear?

Wear the heaviest clothes you want to take with you! It’s of course convenient to walk with a lightweight suitcase, but the hand luggage restrictions in terms of weight for air traveling also need to be considered. Are you not sure about the weight of your hand luggage weight? Buy a cheap hand-held digital scale and avoid (eventual) airport fines.

We hope that the tips above will help you prepare for your next journey. We wish you good luck and enjoy your traveling experience!

Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by TUMI, but opinions are our own!

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