10 Rock and Roll Bars in Europe

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“I love rock ‘n roll, so put another dime in the jukebox baby!” Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and we can’t miss Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll. All these artists’ music is still alive and kicking these days. Our Spotters have written about some great Rock ‘n roll bars around Europe. In no particular order…

Jet Lounge, Amsterdam (by Martin Sollmann)

1. Jet Lounge, Amsterdam (by Martin Sollmann)
“Anyway, he [red: the owner] looks like rock’n roll and that’s the spirit of the bar – it only needs a couple of more years to look as run-down as you’d expect a rock’n roll bar to look like.”

L’International, Paris (by Adam Roberts)

2. L’International, Paris (by Adam Roberts)
“The stage is down in the basement, tucked away beside the staircase and often hidden from view behind large pillars, but it is unmistakably a real rock venue, and as an additional bonus, all concerts are free!”

Route 66, Zagreb (by Milana M.)

3. Route 66, Zagreb (by Milana Martinovic)
“Not many places in Zagreb live rock’n’roll, but this cannot be said of Route 66. Situated in a small shack being the national library, it’s a small and cozy place for all rockers and rollers to enjoy.”

Frank Ryan’s, Dublin (by Damian Byrne)

4. Frank Ryan’s, Dublin (by Damian Byrne)
“Long, dark and narrow inside, with a soundtrack of classic rock n’ roll standards, Frank Ryan’s is the kind of place where it always feels like midnight. Part traditional Dublin pub, part New York dive bar, the place is festooned with old posters, photos, music memorabilia and assorted tat, ranging from the fascinating to the downright bizarre.”

Baron Samedi, Paris (by Adam Roberts)

5. Baron Samedi, Paris (by Adam Roberts)
“It is a bar that lives above all for music, with the three associates who run the venue being passionate about Northern Soul, funk, R&B, rock and roll, reggae and rap – in fact anything but techno electronica!”

Gonzo, Zurich (by Ajuni)

6. Gonzo, Zurich (by Ajuni Burke)
“The club is small, sweaty, full of nooks and crannies and just the right side of dingy. The music policy – not that such a thing exists here – would be ‘Guitars rule’ as well as ‘Anything goes’.”

Cafe Voodoo, Vienna (by Diana Pereira)

7. Cafe Voodoo, Vienna (by Diana Pereira)
“Inside of the small bar in the Siebensterngasse the time seems to be stopped in the 70′s where the Rock and Roll still rules! The waiter/owner/DJ, who is quite a character at his own rights, will play mainly classic rock music from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors or Rolling Stones. The posters on the walls are as well a reminiscence on the golden time of rock music.”

Opium, Edinburgh (by Stu Anderson)

8. Opium, Edinburgh (by Stu Anderson)
“If you’re into the idea of going clubbing, but you don’t like house music, then Opium might be the perfect compromise for you. No city is without its dark, dirty, rock and roll club, and Edinburgh’s most popular one is Opium. The drinks are cheap, the bar staff are heavily tattooed, and the music is usually very loud.”

The Dice bar, Dublin (by Damian Byrne)

9. The Dice bar, Dublin (by Damian Byrne)
“Dice Bar is still a million miles better than the average music bar you will find in the city centre. Furthermore, there are times when some raucous leaping about to rock ‘n roll and indie classics is just what the doctor ordered, and this place can still be great craic on a night out.”

Bue Fox, Athens (by Margarita Kalogeropoulou)

10. Blue Fox, Athens (by Margarita Kalogeropoulou)
“Ever wondered if a time machine really exists? Well, Blue Fox is probably the closest you’ll ever get to the time-machine trip back to the fifties and sixties. [..] Hope you’re lucky and get the chance to visit this bar in one of its SWING parties where the Rockabilly fans of Athens will give you a fantastic spontaneous dance show.”

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