Top 10 helpful apps when traveling!

iPhone 4, iPad – by Yutaka Tsutano

The 21st century phones aren’t always just phones. They’re small computers where you can store your whole life on. They’re also great tools for when you’re traveling. Besides Spotted by Locals’ application there are several others that can make your travels a lot easier. In this article we’ve listed some great additional tools to traveling, from the most popular found on other blogs, to ones our followers recommended!

1.) Keeping online Apps in mind, this one is a splendid tool for finding the next wifi spot! It’s called Wi-fi Finder. This one is available on both Android and iTunes for free.

Living Earth HD

2. ) When traveling, planning a day out it’s important to know what the weather will be like. There simply isn’t time to get back to your hotel to change clothes or shoes. While there is a massive amount of Apps out there that tell you the weather, a fun one is Living Earth (pictured above). It’s a satellite view of the whole world so you can see where it’s nighttime, complete with city lights! At the bottom of the screen it tells you the current weather and when you tap on this it’ll give you the forecast for the whole week.  It’s only available for iPhone for $0.99 or €0.79.

3.) This is aptly named, SitorSquat and it’s for small children and people with small bladders. It’s a crowdsourced collection of toilets around you, complete with reviews, opening times and tips from other users! It’s a free application and available on Android and iTunes.

4.) Up next is Pano. In Europe this App costs €1.59 in iTunes and €2.11 on Android Market. It’s a photography App which allows you to take panorama pictures using your phone’s camera. The App has a semi transparent guide on the screen to guide you through the steps and line up each shot perfectly.

5.) iStar Navigator is a great and fun application where you’ll need complete darkness. This might be hard to come by in a city, but most of our 38 cities have some great parks or viewspots where you can use this App perfectly. Start up the App, lie back and it will tell you what stars and constellations you’re looking at. Want to find a particular, just type it in the search function and an arrow will point you in the right direction. It’s only available in Itunes and it costs €0.79 or $0.99.

6.) Traveling with different people can mean different budgets and different expenses. To make sure everyone pays their share iTunes has a great application called Share-a-Bill for €2.99 and $3.99. Just add in the names of the people you’re traveling with and it will split the costs evenly according to what variables you’ve filled out. Android does have some similar options available for calculating the splitting of bills.

7.) The Travel App Box, recommended by one of our Facebook followers is a nifty tool that  offers you offline maps and public transport maps. It also offers a currency converter and the national numbers for emergencies. All in one! It’s available on iTunes for $1.99 and €1.59, but unfortunately it’s not for sale for Android.

8.) The Motionx GPS application was also recommended by followers. iTunes gives the following description:

“MotionX-GPS shows your position and track at all times on street maps, topo/terrain maps, satellite/hybrid maps, or marine charts. Record or follow your tracks and share with a single click your position, track, trip statistics (date, start time, elapsed time, distance traveled, average speed, etc.) and a picture taken along the way.”

It’s currently on sale for $1.99 and €1.59, only in iTunes though.

9.) If you’re a forgetful person, an application like Packing can go a long way to making your packing and traveling more time-efficient! It can also be a great check list when you’re re-packing, to make sure you’re not forgetting anything in your hostel or hotelroom! In iTunes for €0.79 and $0.99.

10.) We finish this list with the free application Layar, available on both iTunes and Android. A very famous application that gives you tools to learn more about your immediate surroundings. Select your personal favorite layars that will then show up when using the Layar application. For example, see the room rates for a hotel, the opening times for shops and bars or what Wikipedia has to say about certain spots. Or see our Spotted by Locals spots!

So there you have it, 10 great applications to take with you on your travels. Forget packing a backpack with a maps, a guidebook or a notebook to keep track of expenses in! Of course there’s also our very own Spotted by Locals iPhone application.

Do you have any great help application tips to take with you when traveling?

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