Top 7 Spots with a Spectacular View

Every time I visit a new city I look for a spot with an amazing view. Although heights do not make me feel very comfortable, I am not afraid to climb the highest tower to enjoy a breathtaking look over the city. I like to visit those unique spots especially during sunset when the sky, together with the city’s silhouette, creates a magical and unforgettable scenery.

Every city has some special place with an extraordinary viewpoint. In this article I’ve listen a few spots personally recommended by our Spotters where you can enjoy such an outstanding experience.

1. Prague – Vyšehrad

This is actually my personal tip, but our Prague locals agree! One of my favourite places with an amazing view, which I always love to visit, is definitely Vyšehrad in Prague. Vyšehrad is a well known spot with a long history, but thanks to its location away from the city centre there aren’t that many tourists. It is a great place to relax by reading a book or walking along the historical walls. The walls were built on the rocks above the Vltava river and the view from here is really spectacular.

If you want to read more about this spot, take a look at the article about Vyšehrad written by our Spotter Tomaš or the article about the famous Vyšehrad Cemetery written by our Spotter Derek.

2. Stockholm – Monteliusvägen

Image by Natalia Urbanska

Image by Natalia Urbanska

Our Spotter Natalia suggests you take a walk in her city Stockholm. She recommends a visit to Monteliusvägen for the amazing view of Old Town and Riddarfjärden. Check her article and explore the whole route which gives you a nice and cosy feeling of Stockholm.

“Sit down and enjoy the beautiful view, especially nice during sunrise!” – Natalia Urbanska

3. Porto – Guindalense FC

Image by Fernando Ribeiro

Image by Fernando Ribeiro

Guindalense Futebol Clube is a spot recommended by our Spotter Fernando. In his article he invites you to explore this place with a unique view, which is still hidden, even for some locals.

“This place breathes Porto, especially on summer days when locals come to sunbathe and drink some fresh “finos” (beer).” – Fernando Ribeiro

4. Tel Aviv – Gruzenberg parking

Image by Igor Lenivtsev

Image by Igor Lenivtsev

Another great secret spot with a stunning view is suggested by our Spotter Igor. In his article, he tells you about the roof of Gruzenberg parking where you can enjoy a 360 panoramic outlook over Tel Aviv.

“By the way it is the perfect spot for plane watching since the landing route goes right above the city.” – Igor Lenivtsev

5. Amsterdam – Canvas

Our Spotter Gisela wrote an article about her favourite spot that not only has a beautiful view but also a delicious menu. Canvas is the restaurant/bar/nightclub on the roof of the quite impressive Volkshotel-building. The place has a great atmosphere and decent prices.

“I can never get enough of a good view of Amsterdam.” – Gisela Clarke

6. Hamburg – Hotel Süllberg

Image by Ute Kreitz

Image by Ute Kreitz

This spot with a stunning view in Hamburg comes recommended by our Spotter Ute. If you want to enjoy the view over Elbe river, you must visit the Süllberg hotel and restaurant. It’s a great place to have your afternoon snack or drink and relax with this breathtaking scenery in front of you.

“To me, this area of Hamburg has a special, almost magical atmosphere. It’s like a small town inside a city – wonderful!” – Ute Kreitz

7. Brussels – Parking 58

Our Spotter Renata tells you about the magical view from Parking 58. She recommends you come here before you explore the city and then come back again before leaving. You will get a completely different perspective of the city.

“Many cities have hills or skyscrapers with roof terraces… Brussels has Parking 58!” – Renata Riva

What are your favorite viewpoints in your city, or around the world?

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