7 Best Photography Museums in Europe

 Galerie Rudolfinum  Prague (by Filip Grimm)

Galerie Rudolfinum Prague (by Filip Grimm)

Pictures can brighten up a room, your day, or even your mood! And for a rainy (or sunny) day, browsing through a photography museum is a great way to spend the day. Here are 7 photography museums our locals recommend. “A picture speaks a thousand words” – English proverb

1. Fomu – Antwerp

FoMu Antwerp (by Kevin Ducheyne)

FoMu Antwerp (by Kevin Ducheyne)

PoMu (Photo museum), located in the south of Antwerp, is a must see if you are in search of inspiration.  According to our Spotter Kevin this is the perfect place to enjoy the exhibited creativity and broaden your horizon. 

2. Sala Parés – Barcelona

Sala Parés - Barcelona (by Bill Sinclair)

Sala Parés – Barcelona (by Bill Sinclair)

This treasure is probably the oldest privately owned commercial art gallery in the world. In business since 1840, Sala Parés Barcelona has the distinction of being the first gallery to publicly exhibit Picasso’s work.

3. Royal Hibernian Academy – Dublin

Royal Hibernian Academy Dublin by Jess Lacey

Royal Hibernian Academy Dublin (by Jess Lacey)

Royal Hibernian Academy has one of its galleries dedicated to Irish artists who do not have commercial representation to help raise their profile. One of the many reasons why this Gallery is a well-known artistic attraction in Dublin.

4. The Photographers’ Gallery – London

The Photographers Gallery London by Peter Hoffer

The Photographers Gallery London (by Peter Hoffer)

The Photographers’ Gallery is our London local Peter´s favorite photo museum.  “An hour in the gallery makes for a peaceful break from the shopping masses of Oxford Street. Who knows, it might even make your photos of fancy restaurant meals or grumpy cats even more artistic?”

5. MEP – Paris

MEP Paris (by Tamara Mesaric)

MEP Paris (by Tamara Mesaric)

For our Paris spotter Tamara Mesaric this gallery is “an extraordinary place which would be a pity to miss while in Paris”. Maison Européene de la Photographie is one of the most important exclusively photo museum. Located over 3 floors there are 3-5 separate exhibitions, mostly contemporary artists. 

6. Galleria Varsi – Rome

Galleria Varsi Rome (by Antonina Sinagra)

Galleria Varsi Rome (by Antonina Sinagra)

Galleria Varsi is our Rome local Antonina favorite photography gallery. It is a young gallery which celebrates urban and street art, proudly exposing this new form of art. Where the exhibits are updated constantly to keep the interest alive.

7. Nederlands Fotomuseum– Rotterdam

 Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam (by Tessa Triesscheijn)

Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam (by Tessa Triesscheijn)

Our Rotterdam local Tessa favorite photography museum is Nederlands Fotomuseum. ” The collection differs from time to time and they show different timeframes. I find it amazing to see the art of photography throughout history”.

What’s your favorite photography museum in Europe?

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