Where to Celebrate 4th of July in America

Macy's Fireworks in New York City

If you’re in the United States or going there around Independence day on the 4th of July wondering “What should I do?” or “Where should I go in New York City, Boston, Washington D.C. or in Philadelphia?” Well guess what, the locals have got you covered. In this article you will find several of the best places locals enjoying going to on the 4th of July.

nathans hot dog eating contest

In New York City, locals love to spend their 4th of July at Coney Island at Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest, which will probably be one of the best eating contests you will experience. If you’re not into watching a hot dog eating contest, relax, you can always go to the amusement park at Coney Island called Luna Park. Which has many different rides you will surely enjoy.


The Coney Island Cyclone is an amusement ride that will give you an adrenaline rush like you’ve never felt before. Definitely recommended by locals, as our spotter Craig Nelson said “You’ll be screaming with delight during your first ride, but surviving this two-minute thrill is a rite of passage for any New Yorker.” With that being said, many locals also enjoy watching the fireworks on the 4th of July, because what’s a celebration without any fireworks?


Therefore, many locals enjoy going to Pier 16 (South Street Seaport), which is right next to the East River and you will surely enjoy the fireworks there. Make sure you arrive early since the fireworks start at 20:00 and it gets extremely crowded. If you would like to dine on the seaside then check out our locals’ favorite restaurant at Pier 25 called Grand Banks, which is very well known for their delicious oysters and their outdoor dining experience!

However, if you prefer to enjoy the fireworks with the New York skyline, the best place to do so is at the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at the Rockefeller center. For this you have to pay so I suggest to get your tickets in advance since they can get very pricey around this time of the year.

Boston Harbor

But what if you’re spending your 4th of July in Boston? Here, too you can have a great time because locals love going to the Boston Harbor Fest, to enjoy the different events that are organized in relation to the 4th of July.

Boston Harborfest

This festival will truly show you what it means to experience the 4th of July in the United States. The Boston Harbor Fest offers several different events, one of them being a scavenger hunt at the Old South Meeting House, a very important place in American history.

Many Boston locals also enjoy spending their 4th of July at the Charles River Esplanade to watch the 4th of July Fireworks. It is free and most importantly it is for the whole family. Make sure you arrive early before 12:00, especially if you would like to find a great area to sit or to have a picnic with your friends and family. This is such a great event for many because it even offers musical performances from very well-known artists, for example this year they will have Demi-Lovato and Nick Jonas on stage.


In the city of Philadelphia, locals love to go to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway where many locals come together to enjoy many performances, activities, and most importantly lots of food. This is the best place in the city to celebrate the 4th of July like a real local does. It’s free and full of entertainment that the whole family will enjoy. It is also one of the best places to watch the fireworks, which start at 22:00. So what better way to spend Independence Day than with a live free concert and fireworks, because Philadelphia locals sure know how to celebrate.

If you are spending your 4th of July in the capital of the United States of America, which is of course Washington D.C., then the best place to celebrate is at the National Independence Day Parade at Constitution Avenue between 7th and 17th streets which starts at 11:45, so again make sure you arrive early if you would like to have a good view of the parade.

Another place where many locals like to enjoy their 4th of July is at The Washington Harbor in Georgetown to watch the fireworks show or just have dinner at some of the near-by local restaurants. As our local spotter Mirna Soares said “I can’t go to the Washington Harbour without thinking I should walk off dinner taking in the views.”


All in all, if you would like to experience and celebrate Independence Day like a true American these cities offer the best celebrations and events for you, your partner, friends and family to enjoy no matter where you go. Something to remember is that 4th of July in the United States of America is always a celebration.

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