5 Cities in Europe with Free WiFi

Is Estonia Europe's most Wifi Friendly country?  ( Image by Les rencontres RSLN )

Is Estonia Europe’s most Wifi Friendly country? ( Image by Les rencontres RSLN )

You don’t always want to stay connected when you travel, but when you want the least trouble possible. Hotel wifi and cafe  wifi spots may be overpriced, you may have trouble with the language: “Wi-Fi? or Vi-Fi “? Or you may just want to check your emails in a park, museum, or city square. And while it’s not every city that offers abundant wifi and most will only direct you to the cafes if at all.

Here are some cities that have shown a determined disposition to make the networks available and hassle-free.


With highest rates of internet penetration and the first country to make online voting a reality, Estonia’s capital Tallinn is covered in 30 different hotspots ( I’m not talking about cafés here) and all you need to do is connect to TallinnWIFI. Here you can access the map of the wifi networks around the city, if it’s hard to use, you can always find the orange signs around the city giving you details.

View Paris Wifi (mise à jour : août 2013) in a larger map


With 260 access points, the city of Paris offers free wifi to everyone. With a time limit of 2 hours, and a minimal registration process, why not take your work to a park on a beautiful spring day? But don’t forget, you’ll need your batteries! More instructions to connect to Paris available here.

Connect to ((o)) ville-de-geneve

Connect to ((o)) ville-de-geneve


The city of Geneva possess a network of 290 access points over 77 sites, although you need to either register first online or connect by receiving an SMS ( some carriers charge for receiving those ) and ((o)) ville-geneve is your gateway to free wifi! Don’t forget to check out this pdf with a complete listing of locations in Geneva!

GoWex Madrid's service map

GoWex Madrid’s service map

Barcelona, Madrid

While Barcelona and Madrid (and the Paris Metro for that matter) also possess free wifi through the Spanish company GoWex. And while GoWex is undoubtedly a bit more strained in their limits: 512kbs download with an option for paid plans for higher speeds, the sheer quantity of hotpots in the city got their space in our list. You can check out GoWex’s website here, where they also have an app for easy connection all around and are hosted in a smaller quantity in several other world cities.

Freewave (3)

Freewave wifi Vienna


Not every city can deliver free wifi, but it’s nice when a city can direct you the right way. Vienna’s Freewave makes sure you know that wifi is free in any corner of the city. And if you need any further help in finding wifi, you can always use their available here.

What about you follower, does your city have easy access? We’d love to hear more!

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