Lia Brouillard (1994)

About me
With a hometown only about 45 minutes away in southern New Hampshire, Boston had always been “home,” even before I started studying marketing at Emerson College in 2012.

I love traveling near and far, wandering aimlessly, petting street cats, and unearthing local gems.

Why Boston?
As I grew up in the area, I’ve always considered Boston “my city.” It’s stunning, historic, and has just enough urban action without becoming chaotic and overwhelming.

However, what really drove home my love of this city was actually the time I spent traveling abroad. While I’ve always had a fondness of this place I considered home, it was getting to see and experiencing some of the most fantastic and culturally rich cities – from Amsterdam, to Budapest, to Athens – that really confirmed my love of Boston. Seeing such indescribably amazing places, and still feeling confident that the pride and beauty of Boston can stack up with the best of them, finalized my love of this little city.

Where can you find me online?

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