Image by Lloyd Mallison

Graffiti Alley – A kaleidoscope of urban art

Boston has plenty of museums and classy spaces dedicated to art of all backgrounds, but where better to view the best of New England’s spray paint art than at the graffiti mecca in Central Square?

The wall was started in 2007 by an art admirer and his restaurant owning friend. The pair wondered why there was no place for people in Boston to put up street art. The restaurant owner offered his wall, and the rest is history. And speaking of history, one of the coolest things about the wall is the way the paint layers on top of each other, thickening the entire wall over time. Peel away one layer and you’ll find infinitely more underneath, all different colours and styles.

The artwork is constantly changing and evolving, meaning the alleyway will never be the exact same from one day to the next. Nothing is sacred, and eventually everything is covered with fresh new art. Artists know this is all part of the game, embracing the freedom to experiment and compete with others for the most eye-catching piece on the wall.

Even the city of Cambridge is on board, encouraging artists to express themselves freely on this designated area, rather than on other, less appropriate areas. Artists from all over the country come to paint on the Modica Way wall, and whether you appreciate street art or not, the alleyway is quite the spectacle. Best of all, no admissions cost!

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Graffiti Alley, Boston

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