Yamina El Atlassi (1974)

About me
Born in Brussels, I’ve been living in the city for many years now and I started to love this city long before it was a “hype”.

Since I was a young teenager I’ve walked thousands of miles in the city and thanks to that I’ve discovered some nice places and I wish to share it with you….

I still remember the ’80’s in Brussels : it was sad, ugly, unpopular and boring…but the young girl I was had already found some very nice places.

Then it was the 90’s and time for a revival. It was then I started to travel a lot, and I was always very glad to come back ‘home’.

And here we are in the years 2000…. the start of deeper relationships with other inhabitants, and time to take the time to visit places, restaurants, bars to have little chat…

Why Brussels?

1. Because Brussels has the charm of all small city:

  • Everything is closeby and many things are within good walking distance;
  • Everybody knows everybody;
  • Many green areas, in some of the neighborhoods you can easily imagine being in the countryside.

2. Because Brussels has a lot to offer like any capital city;

  • Capital of so many things, there’s many things to do
  • Center of the country and of Europe, you cross people here for short or long visits and I like the mixture of all of this.

3. Because Brussels does not pretend to be the best city in the world, but sometimes I say to myself it is…

Where to find me online
Yamia; Flavors

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