Nicholas Kasang (1987)

About me
I’m an urban planning professional working in the international development sector here in Frankfurt. Aside from my work, which focuses on development cooperation in growing metropolises across African, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe, I’m passionate about family, food, outdoor activities, and compiling new experiences. I enjoy the thrill of trying new/different things and exploring the cities in which I live or am visiting. I enjoy sharing and exchanging with others, both when away from home and likewise while here; thus my desire to communicate my tips for the metropole am Main.

Why Frankfurt
Frankfurt is accessible and easy to navigate; you’re as quickly downtown as you are in the natural/recreational areas surrounding the city. For a city its size, it also offers a diversity of cultural and gastronomic options that span quite the spectrum. Moreover, Frankfurt is a regional city with many conglomerate parts, including Darmstadt, Mainz, and Offenbach, all of which are in close proximity. These naturally have their own ambience/attractions and therefore complement the offerings available here.

Frankfurt is conveniently located smack in the middle of Europe; hence there’s always new people coming in with different ideas and impulses, which precipitate a significant degree of change in the city. For my select list of the best attractions, check out my posts!

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