Sebastian Preuss (1989)

About me
Hello there! I moved to Frankfurt to study Finance and Economics, which I believe already says quite a lot about me. Where most people say they are interested in sports or traveling, one of my greatest passions are movies. And I love reading, especially fantasy books.

This might seem a little unsocial, so let me add this: I simply enjoy a good story. But I also like telling good stories, so I am always interested in seeing new things. Exploring a city or a country is almost like a little adventure for me, where you can find many small treasures along the way.

Although my everyday life already keeps me quite busy, I try to make time once in a while to look for something new, either a new museum or exhibition, a restaurant or café. And yes, I also like to travel, but not just to get away, but to arrive somewhere.

Why Frankfurt?
Over the last six years, Frankfurt has become my home of choice. No other place keeps this perfect balance between old and new, tradition and progress, glamorous and natural. City parks right next to skyscrapers, and rooftop bars alongside coffee houses. What constantly surprises me is the great variety of activities and events Frankfurt has to offer, be it street festivals or concerts. And of course, the food here is amazing!

Where can you find me online?

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