Diana Orduna (1988)

About me
I was born and raised in Mexico and lived there until I started my Hospitality Management Studies in Switzerland. I am also half French which makes me a bicultural person.

I’ve been living in Switzerland since 2009 and in Geneva since 2012! I have a passion for hotels, restaurants, bars, spas, and service in general.

I recently started a blog about Geneva and its surroundings with an expat point of view. With tips on how to adapt to Geneva, recommendations and travel ideas. Check it out: LivinGeneva

I love to travel and meet new people, I also have the need to visit a city like a local. I am lucky because thanks to my school I have friends all around the world that help me visit their city as a local and I love it, and refuse to travel in any other way.

Why Geneva?
I love Geneva mainly because it is the Small Big City, compared to Mexico City (where I used to live) it is 1% of the population! However, I don’t feel like I live in a small town, I travel a lot, meet new people all the time and enjoy nature like never before.

It is an extremely international city where you have the opera, the lake, the mountains and the airport super close! And I haven’t even mentioned the perfect bus/tram systems connected with the Swiss Rail that is always on time of course!

Where can you find me online?

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