Jonathan Koifman (1979)

About me
Originally a transplant to Geneva, like so many genevois, as a kid I had to explore every nook and cranny of this town just to keep busy… This can be tough, and as soon as I turned 18 I left for the big city of New York, thinking never to come back.

Boy, was I wrong! As many do, I was drawn back and am spending every week enjoying my old haunts and exploring new ones. Armed with my camera, a few friends, or the family, I explore. Geneva can be a treasure-trove of adventure, if only you push yourself to look!

Why Geneva
Geneva is old. Geneva is new. Geneva is slow. Geneva is full of life.

On the surface, as a visitor, Geneva is one thing, and as a local it’s something completely different. There are many, many hidden gems that even 30 years later I am still finding, with both memories and fresh eyes.

While it’s not the hustling, bustling, ever-changing maelstrom of a big city like New York, London, Tokyo, or Paris, Geneva has some special charm. From it’s historic Vieille Ville (Old Town) to just the range of people-watching you can do sitting in a café, you can always find what to do.

Where else can you find me online?
Find me on my website!

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