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Lupe Pintos – Mexican and world foods

There are a great many fantastic places to buy food and drink around Kelvinbridge – Valhalla’s Goat and The Cave are both excellent places to stock up on alcohol – but there’s nowhere quite like Lupe Pintos. With a strong focus on Mexican imports, Pintos has a stunning selection of hot chili peppers and a frankly ridiculous assortment of condiments, most of which will give you the ability to breathe fire. Of particular note are the homemade chorizo: spicy pork sausages that have to be tasted to be believed.

If spicy food isn’t your thing, there’s also an assortment of American delicacies. If you’ve ever been curious about marshmallow fluff or grape soda, here’s your chance to find out. Pintos also carries Asian, Caribbean and Mediterranean foodstuffs, so as long as you like to cook there should be something here to suit your palette. The owners even sell their own cookbooks if you’re looking for inspiration.

In September/October of each year Pintos holds a chili cook-off event. Ten local businesses compete to see who can prepare the greatest chili con carne. Customers, often in sombreros, luchador masks or Mexican carnival dress, travel the route sampling each chili (and perhaps some tequila) and award a score, with the eventual victor crowned as chili cook-off champions and given boasting rights for the year. Despite 500 tickets being available, the event usually sells out well in advance.

Want more macho in your nachos? Lupe Pintos is the place to go.

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