Ute Kreitz (1976)

About me
I was born and raised in the north of Germany, which makes me a true “northern light” as they say over here.

Before coming to Hamburg in 2007, I engaged for almost a decade in what I call ‘intercontinental hopping’: Germany – USA – Germany – USA – Germany. I studied psychology in the U.S., worked as a counselor and in clinical research.

When I finally returned to the ‘fatherland’, I decided to move to Hamburg. Up to that point I had seen very little of it (and yet I felt drawn to it), and didn’t really understand why people called it “the most beautiful city of Germany”. To me, Hamburg was just ‘okay’. But the minute I moved here and began to explore the city I was captivated and realized that they were right!

Meanwhile, I have lived in various Hamburg neighborhoods thinking that by now I know the city pretty well, but there is always something new to discover! When I am not out exploring (here or abroad), I am usually involved in music (voice & bass) or outdoor activities with friends.

Why Hamburg?

  • I love its Hanseatic architecture and flair
  • Hamburg is very international and you meet interesting people of various cultural backgrounds
  • It is an ever evolving city that has both a small town feel and a cosmopolitan touch
  • There is an eclectic mix of venues and events providing fun year-round
  • Hamburg is very green, and close to both the North and Baltic Sea
  • The weather is not always the greatest, but who can have it all?
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