Serra Ardem (1990)

About me
Born and raised in Istanbul, I became interested in researching and writing about food culture after studying sociology at college. I am passionate about telling food stories and discovering different cuisines, their history, traditions and local artisans. One of my biggest inspirations is my city Istanbul, a place where so many different cultures blend into and interact with each other.

I also love walking for hours in nature, dancing, football, taking amateur photographs and losing myself in bookstores. I am an avid reader and a writer in progress.

Why Istanbul?
Istanbul is an everyday inspiration and adventure. While wandering around a rising district or sightseeing popular touristic areas, one can learn and discover new things constantly. No matter how crowded, exhausting or imperfect it is, Istanbul never stops feeding your soul. It is full of culture, history, taste and color.

Besides being a significant source of inspiration, Istanbul also means my childhood, a building block of my identity. It is hopping on a ferry heading to Princes’ Islands, walking the streets of Moda or drinking a glass of Turkish tea while enjoying the Bosphorus view. I love Istanbul because it can turn the simplest experience into something very beautiful.

Where can you find me online?

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