Susana Guerreiro (1984)

About me
There are many things I could say about myself, but few would describe me as well as my love for travelling. Maybe I should say exploring. And perhaps because I tend to stay away from routines and always visiting the same places, I like to go off on little expeditions even when I am in my city, wander around and find new spots and hidden corners.

Because I know nothing compares to seeing a place through the eyes of a local, I am happy to “take” you to some of my favourite spots in Lisbon, which is surely one of the most charming cities you will have ever seen.

Why Lisbon?
I have lived in more than a handful of countries and in wonderful cities like Buenos Aires, London, Barcelona and Budapest, but somehow I keep coming back to Lisbon.

It’s not unspoiled and tidy or as imposing as other European capitals, but in the old neighborhoods of crooked houses and bumpy hills you will find a charm that few cities possess and a history that can fill the pages of entire books. I would choose no other place as my home.

Where can you find me online?

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