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Fado às Sextas – An amateur Project of Fado

Actually this is a project rather than a spot. But it’s an honourable and a serious project to be accounted for.

In 2014, Miguel Loureiro had an idea. An “unthinkable glimpse of genius” made him realize that he could offer fado as a gift to everyone that is unaware of this cultural milestone of Lisbon and Portugal or unwilling to pay for an expensive meal and a dedicated show. He, himself, could go to all the restaurants on his street to play and sing some fados to everyone willing to listen.

As a support and acknowledgement of his dedication more than his talent, he only asked for some coins. It’s a reward he deserves for the effort and passionate performance.

He didn’t want to do it alone. And this is where Fatinha Garcia comes in, a previously shy and crowd frightened girl snatched by Miguel to dazzle. Her talent made her make the better of it and turned her courageous. She bursts now as loudly and emotive as fado requires.

You can stumble upon this project some Fridays during the spring and summer months at almost all the restaurants around Rua de São Cristóvão. On the list of the usually visited restaurants you can find “O Trigueirinho“, “Cantinho do Aziz” and “O Eurico“.

With the absence of Miguel, this project is now in the hands of “Somos Fado“, a similar project by Fatinha, Tiago Lopes, João Carrolo and Mariana Andrade.

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Details about this spot



Rua de São Cristóvão and Largo dos Trigueiros, Lisbon

Opening Times

Fri 21:00 - 23:30


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