Image by Claudio Carneiro

Saint George’s Castle – My reboot place

The Saint George castle is the most enchanting, extraordinary and magical place in Lisbon.

From the castle there’s an impressive view over most of Lisbon, and the Tagus river. Every time I visit the castle, I just feel lucky that I live in Lisbon and have such a fantastic spot so close by. I can stand for hours staring over the city, watching the boats crossing the river, the beautiful city landscape, and figuring out what changed since the last time I was over there. Most of the castle are ruins, but nice ones. And there is the “castelejo”, a small castle inside the castle, where you can wander around the top towers and take tons of nice photos.

Inside the castle there is a pleasant, but expensive, esplanade cafe and a very nice giftshop. I try not to miss the concerts, plays and festivals that take place every year in the castle, normally at night, which highlights the beauty of the place even more. The castle’s museum, which shows every artifact found in and around it, is worth a visit. And check their site for cool events in the castle. Try not to miss the Camera Obscura, inside the Castelejo.

I confess it’s my favorite Lisbon spot, ever! Some surprises can await you there, as it happened to me. A old lady singing Fado songs to the wind, another girl rehearsing her singing, peacocks… Whenever I go there, I reboot from all my worries and bad feelings. Magic? Probably.

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R. de Santa Cruz do Castelo, Lisbon

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Opening Times

Nov - Feb 09:00 - 18:00, Mar - Oct 09:00 - 21:00


Entrance: € 8.50


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