Jošt Derlink (1990)

About me
When I started with writing my description I asked my friend, what I could say about myself. I got an answer that one of my biggest qualities is how enthusiastic and passionate I can be about certain subjects. Then she said that this could also be a negative thing, because I can get too excited about something and ignore the rest. When I think about it I can be certain that she gave me the most accurate description. Well…Ljubljana is definitely one of my biggest passions and it’s a pleasure sharing my enthusiasm since 2008 through Spotted by Locals.

At the moment I’m studying cultural anthropology (used to study landscape architecture, after anthropology I wanted to continue with urban studies…long story). As you can tell from a lot of my articles, I’m a big admirer of a sustainable way of thinking, which also includes food self-sufficiency (In 2013 I started my own vegetable garden), cycling and public transport instead of driving a car (I’m a proud non owner of a driving license) etc.

I’d also like to say, if you need someone to show you around or you just need company while drinking coffee, you are more than welcome to contact me via Couchsurfing.

Why Ljubljana?
I believe living in Ljubljana is a textbook example of “joie de vivre”. You can read about the alternative culture, size of the city, bicycles and everything else on my fellow Spotters’ pages. I agree with everything, but just for fun I will show you this from different point of view:

Spring: City markets are packed with asparagus from the Slovenian countryside and they are just waiting for you to prepare them in countless different ways.
Summer: The smell of roasted corn on a lazy summer evening…amazing.
Autumn: Instead of roasted corn we get our dose of roasted chestnuts. And because we get a lot of rain, the forests around Ljubljana are rich with mushrooms.
Winter: It can get cold during wintertime, but it doesn’t matter. Mulled wine keeps us warm.

During the whole year we enjoy our doses of coffee, good wine, beer, burek, karst prosciutto, pumpkin seed oil, and many other pleasures of Ljubljana, which are inviting you to our joie de vivre. When you arrive don’t forget to take it easy and just…relax.

Where else can you find me online?
Check out the interview with me on the Spotted by Local’s blog

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