Josh Ferry Woodard (1989)

About me
I am a writer with a passion for travel and I run a travel blog called the ‘Tiny Traveller’, which is written from the perspective of a 3D-printed mini-me.

I love cooking, coffee, football, ping pong and reading.

My favourite author is Bret Easton Ellis and I can’t get enough of bands like Belle and Sebastian, Modest Mouse and Pavement.

As a freelance writer I am privileged to have the opportunity to explore London’s exciting pop-up scene and visit exhibitions most days of the week. In some ways I am a perpetual traveller of London, just one that sleeps in the same bed each night.

Why London?
My favourite thing about London is the variety. Variety of bars, restaurants, cafes, parks, people and events. But the thing that stands out the most for me is the food. I love having the choice to taste cuisine from all around the world whenever I want/can afford it!

Where can you find me online?
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