Matt Bramford (1983)

About me
I was told that the streets of London were paved with gold, so I moved to this lovely city from my hometown of Sheffield in 2006.

After undertaking loads of internships, from British Vogue to legal publications, I finally landed a job designing a TV magazine, and in my spare time I write about fashion and art, take pictures and am currently branching out into web design. I could do with a rest!

I’ve always lived East and I feel like that’s where I belong, but I’m not averse to taking a trip ‘up West’ if something takes my fancy.

Why do I love London?
Everything – the people, the city’s architecture, the world class museums and galleries, the green spaces and the countless number of fancy restaurants and real ale pubs.

Where can you find me online?
Or check out my interview with Spotted by Locals

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