Claudia Schwarz (1970)

About me
I grew up in a tiny romantic village in the South of Germany. As soon as I was able to leave, I packed my things and was ready to explore the world. I traveled a lot and also lived at several different places – Amsterdam, New York and since 2004 I live in Los Angeles. I didn’t think I would stay this long in LA, but I lost my heart to this eclectic city nestled between the San Gabriel mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Right now I live in the heart of Downtown LA. Being a fashion designer and artist, I could not think of any better place to be.

Why Los Angeles?
Los Angeles is a very unconventional, multi-faceted and ever changing city, sprinkled with a perfect mixture of art, Hollywood glam, casual beach lifestyle, urban outdoor living, amazingly good food, eclectic places, eccentric people and hidden gems.
It’s happening on all levels! And there is so much to explore and to do!

And let’s not forget the gorgeous weather. It’s sunny most of the time with perfect temperatures throughout the year.

Where can you find me online?

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