Rachel Kossman (1988)

About me
I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but had to move away from the city to discover how much I truly loved it. After six years on the east coast and another year traversing both the United States and South America, I’m back and settled in Los Angeles, pursuing a career as a multimedia web editor and journalist.

I love hiking, brunching, perusing thrift stores, statement jewelry, my golden retriever, and using Spotted by Locals as an excuse to discover new things in my hometown!

Why Los Angeles?
Los Angeles has a glamorous reputation, but in reality it is sprawling and dirty and a little bit exhausting. Regardless, it has always been home for me. After living in Boston for many years, I have grown to value and appreciate the diversity, both racial and socioeconomic, that Los Angeles offers.

While east coast cities are already developed and aging, Los Angeles is still showing its residents what it has to offer. The charm of Los Angeles is in the smaller, local neighborhoods, where a big city begins to feel like a small town.

Plus, I’ll never get sick of palm trees, smoggy sunsets, and perfect weather all year round.

Where can you find me online?
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