Image by Amelia Rynkowska

Fowler Museum at UCLA – Global arts

Striding along the numerous pathways lining the grassy banks, shadowed by the unique mosaic brownish red brick of the UCLA campus, I believed I was back at school only this time I wasn’t being weighed down by books and student fever; merely a light step, bundles of curiosity and a destination without an overdue assignment being turned in. The Fowler Museum is a space dedicated to exhibiting niche global arts, where it aims to inform and educate a curious crowd on diverse cultural communities and anthropological esoterics. 

An example exhibit a favourite was the ‘Resplendent Dress exhibition: A history in layers from Southeastern Europe’. Neatly presented mannequins layered in traditional cloth, genius craftsmanship and theatrically stirring symbolic patterned prints. There was not an overwhelming amount on display, so a more casual crochet back and forth around the platforms and longer lingering squints at heritage tresses and rich Hungarian embroidery were humored without crowds obscuring my meticulous study of stitching. 

The Fowler museum is a bricked bijou cultural art house, where dancing around the shadows of numerous majestic congruent buildings entertains a learned compulsory mathematical jig and brushing past students en route to lectures will inevitably stir a nostalgic ache for a past age, one not experienced or one yet to come teamed with a little light relief knowing you don’t have exams looming as you walk past student filled entrance halls on your way to enhance your liberal (global) arts.


MAY 15-SEPTEMBER 11, 2016

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North Campus of UCLA, Los Angeles

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Wed & Fri - Sun 12:00 - 17:00, Thu 12:00 - 20:00




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