Cat Bethune (1985)

About me
I’m Scottish. I was brought up in a small town in the south of Scotland, lived and studied in the north east, and from there moved to Madrid, which for me was a huge city!

I love music, singing, food, making things, being outdoors, and discovering new places. I love cycling around the city, and am looking forward to Madrid becoming more bike-friendly. I love learning new things – especially language related.

Why Madrid?
I moved to Madrid in 2008, thinking I would stay for a year or so, then move on somewhere else, but ended up staying!

Madrid is an addictive city. The social life is great; there’s something for everyone. I love that every time I leave my house, I discover new places.

The centre of Madrid is made up different areas, each with their own personality and feel. Whether you want chic, fashionable, quirky, alternative, literary or studenty – you’ll find somewhere to feel at home here. Everything is so accessible – on foot, by bike, by metro, and the people are very open.

Where can you find me online?

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