Fiona Ham (1990)

About me
I am a young adventurous Québécoise who loves a good laugh. I lived in Europe to accomplish some of my studies. While I was abroad I traveled to many different European countries, mostly touristic ones but I was on a mission! My mission was to find the local joints where you find the best company, food and music. So I started to do what I call “follow the local”. Everywhere I would travel to, I would spot a person I believed to be a local and I would follow them to see where it would bring me.

It eventually brought me back to Montréal where I now live with my geraniums. When I have some free time I just love to go on an adventure and to discover all of the “ruelles” and lonely streets of Montréal. If I am not eating, reading or sipping on some wine, I am dancing and practicing yoga. I love my city and all that it has to offer.

Why Montreal?
I love my city because I was elsewhere for so many years and after visiting other cities I know how rich Montréal is. Not only is it rich in culture but also it is rich in nature. The true Montrealers will do everything that it is in their power to greenify and beautify our urban world. The city is near so many mountains and forest, it is the city of freedom.

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