Jeroen Deraeve (1990)

About me
Hey! I’m a Belgium-born young professional to be and have been living in Montreal since 2011. With a background in communication, journalism and film, I am currently looking for a full time position in the film industry.

Meanwhile, I am a member of a cross country skiing club and entertain myself by discovering the ski trails in and around Montreal. The outdoors is my gym, so you will often find me hiking, skiing, snowboarding etc. on the weekends. It’s always a great feeling to get back to Montreal after my escapes.

If you like to get away from mass events and discover the green side of a city, then you should check my articles. Also, I don’t drink coffee, so any review of a café is on anything but the coffee they make ;-).

Why Montreal?
Montreal has something to offer all year round. Winters are cold and snowy, summers humid and warm. I bike in every season and it’s the most accessible and affordable way to discover the city. It also gets you places where no other tourist guide will bring you.

If Montreal has a lot to offer – from exceptional food to a vibrant arts and festival scene, to chilling on a sunny patio – it is best at making life enjoyable for its citizens. Rather than expositions, museums, it’s all about feeling the vibe. With my articles, I hope to lend you a hand with coming closer to some unique Montreal experiences.

Where can you find me online?

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