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Amsterdam Billiards – Pool stars

Jeanette Lee was an Amsterdam Billiards waitress who, after her shifts, spent time at the tables. Flash forward: she is a world champion, known as “The Black Widow”.

There are others at her level who play here: Thorston Holman is one, and there happens to be a YouTube video of the two of them competing, here.

I shot a half hour the other night, afterward chatting with David Padilla, the General Manager (himself no slouch at the rail). The best time to see the good and the really good, he told me, is Thursday night after (and sometimes during) league play.

Mika Immonen and others have been known to show up. Read more about how that works here.

You don’t have to play to watch; there’s a nice bar, nice service and soft couches to sit in from which you can watch, ogle and hang out. It’s in the heart of the Village, so it fits into before and after plans for activity elsewhere.

David told me there is a real billiards parlour called Carom Café out in Queens. I haven’t been there yet, but after watching its WebCam feed, I will be going soon.

Back to Amsterdam, there are 25 – 9 foot Brunswick tables, Darts, Foosball and Ping Pong and food available.

On the corner of 11th and Broadway, just south of Union Square.

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110 East 11th Street, New York

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11:00 - 03:00 daily


Hourly, daytime: US$ 8.90


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