Anthony Tsouristakis (1995)

About me
My name is Anthony Tsouristakis. I’m a second generation Greek-American, and I’ve been living in the City of New York for more than twenty years. On any given day you could find me boxing, reading a book, at a museum, or simply walking around and exploring.

Currently I’m at the tail-end of my undergraduate program, and plan to have my Bachelors in History by January of 2017. Afterwards I aim to start the application process for graduate school, where I’d like to earn a Masters in Art History. Ultimately I want to work in a museum, curating exhibits, adding to the culture scene of New York, and spending my days surrounded by, and sharing, history.

Why New York?
Being the largest city in the United States, it’s tough to describe it, as it has so many personas due to its rich history and large population. But in short, New York is the place where so many trends start, a center for all things new and upcoming. Yet at the same time the city and its native populace still hold true to their roots and who they are.

It’s a city where even though there’s more than eight million people, you really don’t ever feel alone. There’s always a group of people who share similar feelings to your own, like the same things you do, and you can find places in NYC where you all can gather, enjoy, and share your passions. And, even after decades of living here, I still find new and surprising things within.

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