Marina Bekker (1983)

About me
I was trained in Fashion Design and have loved that life for a while working for the likes of Ralph Lauren, until I broadened my horizons and left the Big Apple to explore the world. I spent 5 years away, traveling extensively through the ever romantic villages of Europe to the reality altering and dis-jaunting Asia, and have come back with a new perspective on life – how Eat Pray Love of me 🙂

I love to meet new people, find new places, hear new stories, and write!

Why New York?
I’ve lived in NYC since I was 5, born in Moldova actually, and I have yet to find a comparable city.

I have seen it all from Madrid to Shanghai, and although they too are magnificent cities with their own distinct flares, what I have discovered through seeing all of these other cities is exactly what makes New York unique and like no other!

Oh, and I also love food :)which is so plentiful here its kind of ridiculous!

Where can you find me online?
Some of my past blogs trough my travels could be found here, although I was quite tired when writing most of it
Marina Bekker blogspot

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