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Times Square – The show goes on and on

Everyone goes to Times Square eventually, because twelve subway lines stop there or are linked to it.

I avoid it. It’s crass, dumbfounding and maybe even dangerous. There was no doubt about the danger, back in the day. I’d go to watch the three card monte guys. A team consisted of a dealer, two or three ‘players’, a couple of lookouts. Real showmen they were, skilled, great actors.

Today’s actors are dressed up in fuzzy polyester costumes, or nothing at all — underwear or topless even — by comparison, totally uncreative, hardly worth observing.

But, millions of people go to see the show anyway, and watching THEM is a good way to observe the ‘pulse’ of America. Who ARE these people? Why do they come to take part in this? I used to ask the same questions of the three card monte suckers. And then there were the porn theaters and their customers. Everyone knew what that was all about. Of course then, there was no internet.

From Broadway over to Eighth Avenue, it is both high end and depraved. After all, this is also the regal theater district.

But the Times Square show is amazing, horrifying, important and you’ve got to see it at least once. Keep your visit short, don’t get angry, get jostled and watch your wallet or you’ll pay a price!

Some go just for the TKTS outlet, but there are other locations you can visit, like Lincoln Center. Much more civilized.

As for New Years Eve—fuhgeddaboudit!

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Times Square, New York

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