Andrea Chirulescu (1981)

About me
I was born in Bucharest, Romania and after 27 years of living there I moved to Norway. I have been living in the center of Oslo since June 2008, working as consultant in a small company.

I love going to concerts, learning about this and that, trying new things and visiting places. And all of these usually end up with many photos on my computer’s hard disk.

Why Oslo?
Better ask why Norway since that’s the first I had in mind as destination due to the quality of life in this country.

Then it was Oslo due to travel availability from the capital and the huge amount of concerts and events here. I fell in love with it after a few hours spent around its center since it’s exactly my kind of place. Quiet, relaxed, surrounded by nature.

Then I discovered the amount of great activities one can do here, mainly through the CouchSurfing network. And the huge mixture of cultures here. So I’m quite addicted to this city.

Where else can you find me online?

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