Image by Andrea Chirulescu

Golf simulator – For those Norwegian cold days

The golf simulator is a lazier and more cozy alternative to the outdoors activity where at times you need to travel long distances to locate the tiny golf ball.

But here we had to, at most, dig it out from under the ‘walls’ (think of them as curtains). There is a wide screen representing the golf course, where the computer (whose programs have recently been upgraded, according to the website) projects the terrain, nature, obstacles, etc. We had the regular selection of clubs, could define difficulty levels and adjust some weather settings and there were different surfaces for normal grass, taller grass or sand. And once the settings were in place, one of us would hit the ball and the sensors in the room would calculate its speed and trajectory and place it on the track. After hitting the ball, you simply go back to the table and grab a snack (we ate very good tapas) or a drink and that’s as sporty as you get.

So this is definitely not for those too much into the game, but rather for some relaxed time and it could even be perfect for an opening mini party to an event. Especially since it doesn’t require you to carry any equipment with you. Everything can be found there, you just have to bring along a lot of good mood.

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